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Editing Area

Designers and editors work in this area and it is a professionally equipped space for the post-production of audiovisual content.

Here, creatives can bring their ideas to life, enhance recorded footage, add visual effects, adjust color and sound, and ensure the final product meets quality standards and client expectations.

Chroma 3

It is 58 square meters and is the largest chroma we have, with a generous area of 58 square meters. Designed to meet your most demanding needs, this chroma offers ample surface area to bring your visual projects to life with impact and style.

Chroma 4

It consists of 20 square meters. Provides a controlled environment to carry out your creative ideas. Take advantage of this space to create amazing visual effects and achieve exceptional results.

Chroma 5

We use its 32 square meters to bring your visual projects to life. Whether you are working on a film, a commercial or any other audiovisual project, this color scheme offers you the necessary space for your needs

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