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Plato 1

Cyclorama Convertible to Chroma


Size: 245 square meters. Our versatile Set 1 offers a spacious 245 square meters of area, ready to adapt to your creative needs. Equipped with an infinity cyclorama, this space provides a clean, uninterrupted background for your productions. Additionally, thanks to an innovative rail system, the cyclorama can be moved to reveal chroma key, allowing you to create expansive virtual spaces for your visual effects. The size of this set is also ideal for scenes that require the entry of large vehicles or equipment.

Set 2

Large Space with Dominant Cyclorama


Size: 415 square meters. Our spectacular Set 2 is the largest space available at Visual Works, measuring a generous 415 square metres. Most of this area is dedicated to an infinity cyclorama, providing a clean and uniform background for your productions. An imposing canopy illuminates this space, creating a diffuse and natural light that enhances the visual quality of your projects. With its spaciousness and prominent cyclorama, this set is perfect for creating striking scenes and impressive visual effects.

Chroma 1

With its 53 square meters, it is perfect for projects of any size. It offers a versatile and spacious environment to carry out your creative ideas with comfort and precision.

Chroma 2

It has a size of 33 square meters. Offering a large space of 33 square meters to make impressive visual effects. Whether you need to replace the background or add special elements, the Croma 2 is ideal for your projects.

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